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Over 35 years of combined experience winning federal criminal defense cases specializing in drug and illegal alien cases. DUI, Expungements, Probation Violations and Traffic Citations.


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Rafael Bustamante Laue

Rafael Bustamante Laue

Attorney at Law

Rafael Bustamante Laue is a graduate of Gonzaga University School of Law. Represented numerous clients in charged with drug offenses, alien smuggling in the Southern District of California. On federal and State Drug offenses Russell Babcock is of counsel and has over 30 years of experience defending clients. Other areas of practice include DUI, expungements, probation violation and traffic tickets. Rafael Bustamante Laue is dedicated to fighting for those who have been accused of criminal offenses both at the State and Federal level and has defended countless clients in Southern District of California, El Centro, Brawley, Calexico, Winterhaven, Blythe, Joshua Tree and San Luis. Rafael is a member of the Imperial County Bar Association and Federal Bar Association. He is fluent in English and Spanish and looks forward to representing you.

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If your attorney is not in the same geographical area as you, we are prepared to step in and represent you. We are dedicated to helping as many people as possible, no matter what your situation may be. If you need representation in El Centro, Brawley, Winterhaven, San Diego, Imperial County, California, or Yuma County, Arizona, contact us today for an attorney that you can trust.


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Charged with a DUI?

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A DUI conviction can seriously derail your life. Consequences can include jail time, large fines, probation, and more. Our DUI attorney has represented many people who have been charged with DUIs, and he's ready to help you too. Reach out to us today to get started.

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After a Receiving a Felony or Misdemeanor Charge

Our criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Rafael Bustamante Laue is here to fight for justice, no matter what criminal charges you may be facing. We want to help you pursue the best result possible, and we will exhaust every resource that we can. A false accusation or mistake should not ruin your life. When you need a skilled advocate in your corner, reach out to our office in El Centro, California. We'll set you up with a free phone consultation with our attorney.

Whether you are facing charges of assault and battery, robbery, domestic violence, or any other misdemeanor or felony, you need an attorney to lead the way for you. Get in touch with us to start discussing your options. We serve all of Southern California including the areas of Brawley, Winterhaven, San Diego, Imperial County, California, as well as Yuma County, Arizona. Reach out to us when you're ready to seek the justice you deserve.